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Healthy life

Macondo Coffee Roasters was founded in Doral FL, inspired by the popularity of specialty coffees in The United States. We provide direct sources for the best Colombian Coffee. This coffee shop concept melds the World´s best Colombian coffee, providing an assortment of beverage drinks, and also a diverse menu of authentic food preparations with a mindful effort to create a welcoming and healthy customer experience.


Fusing Urban Cool with rustic Warmth.


Everything in Macondo Coffee Roasters has been deliberately created around the experience of enjoying our food and beverage choices. The layout, atmosphere and decor are visually engaging and encourage customers to congregate, meet with friends or even conduct business meetings within the special Macondo Coffee Roasters environment.


It´s Signature buzz


Warm colors, relaxed seating; minimalist rustic aesthetic – everything about our brand concept speaks to this urban ideal of a modern wholesome lifestyle.

An unexpected twist on the opportunity!!!

We´ve focused our efforts to ensure that Macondo Coffee Roasters offers a unique blend of specialty coffees and a great healthy menu. Our proprietary recipes, unique flavors and complete selection of beverages assure an amazing dining experience!


Macondo is a comfortable, urban gathering place, offering friendly service in a warm and inviting atmosphere, where our ovens are the heart of our business. Macondo Coffee Roasters is more than a coffee shop; it is a place where our customers enjoy healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner options.

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